Becoming a Rapporteur

Becoming a rapporteur is a journey. That begins with a step and clarity of why you want to become a rapporteur. In order to become a rapporteur you must start investing in yourself because the best you can do for yourself is to invest in you. Failure to invest in you, it is more unless like wishes. Before you apply or accept the first invitation, make sure learning hats has been put on, you need to learn and learn. You heard me right, learn. During your learning period, what I recommend is listening to tapes and watching video clips that teaches on writing policy notes, public comment, and note taking. Also, do not fail to watch related conferences or similar events to that of the one you got the invitation or you would like to be part. However, if you had gotten an invitation to be a rapporteur, and you had no clue of what your responsibilities are, all you need do is to follow what is written in this book and you will be happy you did. Learning is the first step towards becoming a good rapporteur. The second step is practicing. There is an adage that says practice makes better. The more you practice what you learn, the better you become.