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Taiwo Peter Akinremi

Taiwo Peter Akinremi is the Executive Director of Africa Rapporteur. He specializes in IT Management with solid experience using technological tools for corporate/client business development and for cost effective solutions. He has years of experience that cut across technical, policy development and management.

He has developed the capacity to help business align IT objectives with business objectives, establishment of IT governance in an organization, managing IT business risk and that of measuring the impact of information and communication technology and its performance.

In Africa, he is one of the voices contributing and shaping the development of internet governance in Africa and supporting the African Internet Governance Secretariat. In doing that, he has developed the needed skills to manage resources and function in high diplomacy environment.

He was the lead rapporteur general to the 7th African IGF, resource person to the manual for the African IGF. Peter is the author of a book titled the influence of ICT’s on students’ academic performance, co-author of a multimedia web based content for e-learning journal and recently wrote an e-book titled The Rapporteur Journey: Secret of Becoming a Good Rapporteur. The essence of the ebook is to help bread new rapporteur with the right skills and attitude while helping any person that want to become a rapporteur including conference organizers in the process of conference arrangement.