The Need for a Rapporteur

Let’s look at the need of a rapportuer from the Rappoteur Jouney written by Taiwo Akinremi (Executive Director of Africa Rapporteur). Think of a meeting that has no documented outcome. An output that beg for clarification and ratification. You will agree with me that chances of implementation of what was discussed or agreed will be almost zero, if not zero, and follow up exercise is a dead thought. Rapporteurs are key elements that must be emphasized and made available during meetings, workshops, forums, summits, conferences in order to monitor current development. ┬áThe success of any meeting or conference is dependent on the quality of the outcomes. An outcome of a meeting, whether bad or good is a function of the reporter. That is why it is very important to ensure the right person or team are assigned. This is not about knowing how to write. Even, a good writer must follow the process and procedures to capture the right thoughts of the people in a conversation. Rapporteurs are trained resource persons either through formal learning or experience. They have the right ingredients to not only write, listen, take notes but filter the right information into a coherent outcome that is void of own input and thought. Imagine filtering right information either from a fluent speaker that knows the key to delivering public lecture, Q&A, and speaker that is not gifted with public speaking ability that cannot get his/her thought together is a daunting task