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Rapporteuring and Language Translation
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About Us

The diverse culture and languages in the continent of Africa is becoming an impediment to effective communication, thereby hindering progress in nations development, policy harmonization and economic development. The Africa Rapporteur is a non governmental organization that support with, rapporteuring, language translation, interpretation into African languages

Our Services

Africa Rapporteur is a Non governmental organization that provides support services to organizations and work with conference organizer (CO) in

  • Rapporteuring
  • Interpretation,
  • Language translation (Africa dialects),
  • and event management.

In multilateral settings, document translation is a major task, especially translating to different African languages. Africa Rapporteur provides support for those looking for expertise in the services mentioned above.  We have a network of Rapporteur that span across Africa


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Who is a Rapporteur

A rapporteur is a person who is appointed by an organization to report on the proceedings of its meeting. A rapporteur is an appointed person that acts on behalf of the organizer to monitor development of a certain event, captures and reports key resolutions and consensus outcome.

The Need for A Rapporteur

You might ask, why the need for a rapporteur. Think of a meeting that has no documented outcome. An output that beg for clarification and ratification. You will agree with me that chances of implementation of what was discussed or agreed will be almost zero, if not

Becoming a Rapporteur

ecoming a rapporteur is a journey. That begins with a step and clarity of why you want to become a rapporteur That said, start investing in yourself because the best you can do for yourself is to invest in you. Failure to invest in you, it is more unless like wishes. Before you apply...